Washburn Student Government Association Sept. 22 Meeting Report


Ben Doole

Edit away: WSGA members make edits for multiple documents. These documents will benefit the student body of Washburn University

The Washburn Student Government Association met for their weekly meeting this past Sept. 22, in the Kansas Room on the upper floor of the Memorial Union.

Diversity and Inclusion Director Dorantes, in her report she talked about finishing up the podcast episode for September for hispanic heritage month. The next episode will be about WSGA, where students can learn more about us, senators, cabinet, etc. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can find the podcast on Spotify at “yourWSGA”. She also reported about working on the PowerPoint for retreat and there will be 3 activities.

SR 21-22 #009: Social Media and Mental Health, during this time of the meeting, cabinet members spoke upon the issue of social media and mental health not being spoken about in WU101 classes or in Honors 101. Some argued that it was taught about in class, while others argued they either weren’t being taught at the moment and or they don’t remember being taught about it at all. One cabinet member talked about a conversation with a professor that said the teacher did not plan on teaching about the matter. The resolution was tabled.

SR 21-22 #010: Fossil Fuel Divestment in University Endowment Fund, during this part of the meeting cabinet members spoke of withdrawing investments from fossil fuel companies. Some argued that it would look good for Washburn to pull investments and invest in sustainable energy, like other colleges, such as Harvard. Some argued how this would affect the student body of Washburn, with funding, and others brought up climate change and how it will be good for Washburn students in the long run.

Roll call was where is your favorite bathroom at Washburn? Answers varied from Dorm room, waiting until you get home, and the football locker room

Edited by: Katrina Johnson and Alyssa Storm