Zeta Tau Alpha wraps up its philanthropy week


graphic by Aja Carter

Zeta Tau Alpha presents philanthropy week to raise awareness and educate students about breast cancer. Zeta raised money thoughout the week and donated it various foundations in support of breast cancer awareness.

Zeta Tau Alpha organized and hosted a series of events Oct. 3-7 supporting their philanthropy, which is breast cancer education and awareness. 

The sorority partners with the American Cancer Society, the National Football League and Bright Pink each year to raise money for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Zeta’s goal for this year’s philanthropy week was to raise $500.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 3, Zeta sold lemonade on campus. The organization also hosted Social Media Bingo Tuesday, where people who donated through their digital bingo card would get their name tagged in a post. Wednesday, they had the Big Man on Campus competition, where men from different fraternities competed in a series of challenges, including a trivia contest, a talent show and a Q&A. There was Queso for the Cure Thursday, where the organization sold queso and chips. To end the week, Zeta hosted a dodgeball tournament in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Friday, Oct. 7. 

Kristen Vanderbeck, Zeta Tau Alpha’s president and senior in forensic investigations and anthropology, was excited for the week and believes it’s crucial to call attention to breast cancer. 

“I think it’s important to raise money and bring awareness to breast cancer because it’s something that anyone can get,” said Vanderbeck.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in eight women in the U.S. will be affected by breast cancer. Furthermore, studies show that men make up about one out of every hundred people diagnosed with breast cancer.

Haydee Reyes, assistant director of Student Involvement and Development, finds it important for organizations to have philanthropies and support different causes. She also believes that students should be aware of health issues. 

“I think that we currently live in a world where people don’t always know or are intentional about taking care of themselves. I think something such as breast cancer awareness is something that is very prevalent now, not only in women but in men,” said Reyes. “So, I think this is just another way to help educate college students during this time in their lives in regards to their overall health and bodily well-being.”

The money raised from Zeta’s philanthropy week will be sent to their partners and used to help people diagnosed with breast cancer. 

For more updates on Zeta events, follow their Instagram page @ztalphamu. 

Edited by Rakesh Swarnakar and Alijah McCracken