Getting the scoop on Union Daze

In sync: Scooping ice cream can be a hard task, but these two ladies have it down!

Union Daze is a week-long event that Washburn University’s Memorial Union hosts. From an open house to vendors to coffee talks to ice cream, each event is hosted either inside or outside of the Memorial Union.

The final event of Union Daze was named, “Get the Scoop.” Students and faculty were invited to spend $1 to get two scoops of ice cream. Many students were seen getting ice cream between their classes and student workers were also encouraged to enjoy ice cream as well.

“I’m out here today because I wanted to get some ice cream,” said Emily Meyers, a sophomore forensic anthropology major

Though enticing, the ice cream was not the only thing that caught the eye of customers. The Ichabod Shop had great deals and was ready to sell to those willing to buy.

Taton Smith, a senior forensic anthropology major and Ichabod Shop employee, was excited to be supporting the Memorial Union in the event.

“Today, I am selling $5 headphones and some ‘Get the Scoop’ tickets for ice cream,” said Smith. “We are having a good deal where the headphones were originally $20 but right now they are just $5. We have a whole bunch of colors and styles. We are also hoping that people come and enjoy some ice cream.”

The great deals, music and ice cream did not only draw attention from students but alumni members also stopped by to support the event.

Blue Adame, a Washburn alumni member, came out to support the event and to get ice cream.

“I have worked here for 11 years and I love Washburn, it’s my other home,” said Adame. “I am definitely enjoying the ice cream and the music. Everyone is really friendly here at Washburn and that is why I like coming here.”

As the Union Daze events wrap up, various organizations on campus are also holding events. The students of Washburn have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Edited by: Madison Dean