March Crime Report

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Are you saying we can’t draw a smiling sun on the sidewalk?
On 3/01/21 at 11:23 am, unapproved chalk writings were reported on the curbside at the south side entrance of the law school.
Ever feel like somebody’s watching you?
On 3/01/21 at 7:32 pm, a walk-in report of harassment occurred near Morgan hall that was related to stalking.
11:41 is the new 4:20
Marijuana order was reported at the LLC on 3/01/21 at 11:41 pm.
My bad false alarm
A false panic alarm was sounded on 3/02/21 at 8:57 am at the student one stop in Morgan hall.
Who yelled fire??
A false fire alarm was set off at the LLC on 3/02/21, 12:32 pm.
This is why insurance exists
On 3/04/21 at 6:44 pm, an information-only report was received in regard to vehicle damage in Lot 2.
This isn’t grand theft auto
Maintenance staff reported the catalytic converter was cut from one of the fleet vehicles at the WIT building.
We’re here for you buddy
A welfare check was conducted on 3/06/21 at Lincoln hall.
Stop knocking on the doors
False intrusion alarm was sounded at WIT on 3/07/21.
Quick tip, take the toast out of the oven
On 3/08/21 at 10:18 am, the smoke detector went off at Lincoln hall.
It was an accident I swear
A non-injury accident occurred on 3/11/21 on lot 2.
Where did I put my- never mind I found them!
On 3/11/21, missing keys were reported to be lost at WIT and were later found.
We’re here for you
A medical call came in on 3/13/21 at Lincoln hall.
…and you
Assisted TPD on a non-injury accident on 3/13/21, 6:09 pm.
Nobody was harmed in the making of this accident
A non-injury auto accident was reported in building L parking lot on 3/15/21 at 2:59 pm.
It’s 11 pm, go home we’re closed
Building alarm was set off at the memorial union on 3/16/21 at 11:19 pm.
Hey now follow the rules or don’t get caught
Alcohol violation was reported and resulted in a city citation at the Village on 3/18/21 at 11:10 pm.
At least we know we have good security
The intrusion alarm was set off on 3/18/21 at 7:15 am.
Don’t touch that, it’s not yours
A misdemeanor theft was reported on 3/19/21 at the Lee Arena. The case is closed.
Don’t judge a book by its cover
A suspicious person was reported on 3/19/21, the case was drawn in error.
Again, we’re always here for you
A welfare check was conducted at Lincoln hall on 3/21/21 at 1:58 am.
Edited by: Katrina Johnson,Crystal Hendrix, Matthew L. Self