Crime report Jan. 3- Jan. 16


Well, that escalated quickly.
Jan 3, 11:27 pm a traffic stop was conducted at SW 21 Street and SW Buchanan Stand. The driver was arrested with a felony for possession of narcotics, marijuana and intent to use drug paraphernalia on another human.
You doing ok???
Jan 7, 2:32 pm a medical call was conducted at Morgan Hall.
The sky is falling! the sky is falling!!!
Jan 8, 1:40 am the panic alarm was sounded at Morgan Hall.
I’m sure this will never happen again.
Jan 9, 3:21 pm burglary alarm was sounded at WIT West Building L.
I spoke too soon…
Jan 9, 6:11 pm building alarm was sounded at WIT West Building.
Oops I did it again.
Jan 10, 1:44 pm intrusion alarm was sounded at WIT West Building.
When will they ever learn?
Jan 10, 5:55 pm an arrest was made after a traffic stop on SW Jewell Avenue for possession of marijuana.
Seriously, are you ok??
Jan 12, 7:46 am an injury occurred on SW 21st Street and SW Potomac Drive, no transport by AMR.
Tech East takes a hit.
Jan 12, 11am. A fired 9mm hollow point bullet was found lodged in the roof at Tech East.
No, go ahead sound the alarm AGAIN.
Jan 14, 3.30 am the priority alarm was set off at the Kuehne Halls.
Even at college they still aren’t learning.
Jan 15, 11:00 pm a traffic stop was conducted with narcotics found in the vehicle; a misdemeanor was issued.
Edited by Donna Whipple, Matthew L. Self