The Washburn Review

Sam Finch is passionate about film and video

April 23, 2019

Sam Finch, lecturer of mass media, has been teaching film and video at Washburn since fall 2018."Film and video have always been my passion. This [passion] allows me to be more excited and invested in what I am teaching," sai...

Films and history, peanut butter and jelly

January 25, 2019

History has its eyes on us, as we  look on it through our own lenses of perception: books, literature, and if we are to look at the Historical Movie Nights at Washburn, films. The history department with the help of Phi Alpha Theta,...

Student Profile: Alexander Laughlin

October 6, 2018

Alexander Laughlin, senior theater major, has shown his talent in the school. He recently organized the Costume Sale at Washburn Theater Department, however, his talent shows in many aspects of the department.Laughlin was expo...

Kevin Willmott set to speak on racism

Sarah Miller

September 10, 2018

{{tncms-inline alignment="left" content="<p>The lecture tonight is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend.</p>" id="31450d52-4e3f-4e26-809c-e522dee0a55c" style-type="correction" title="Correction" type...