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Micah Brown, a filmmaker, speaks on his journey in filmmaking. Brown encouraged attendees to persevere and work hard.

WIFI wraps up with guest speaker Micah Brown and ‘The Goonies’

The end of day two for the WIFI Film Festival featured a filmmaker talk from Micah Brown, and the film, “The Goonies,” at Evergy Plaza. Bearing the chilly spring evening, many students and family members came to Evergy Plaza to listen to Micah Brown’s who gave the audience insight into his own career.  

Brown gave the audience an inspirational talk about his experience in the film industry and how he got his first big shot at filmmaking when he flew out to Thailand to make a film about prisoners physically fighting for their freedom out of prison. 

“Persevere, Persevere, Persevere,” Brown said.

His talk also provided young filmmakers reassurance that they can do what they put their mind to, as long as they “Put yourself in a situation to help you work towards those 10,000 hours [of experience].”

Gloria Lillich, an attendee at the Micah Brown talk and feature film, “The Goonies,” spoke on the event.

“[…] this was a really good event for students who want to, like, get their name out there. Because obviously, they could take the advice [given] and use that in the real world, and it’d help them in the future,” Lillich said.

Brown answered a lot of questions from film students after his featured talk and his answers could be helpful to young filmmakers. 

“Watching other people’s stuff helps because it’s better if you’re critiquing the breakdown of what’s working or not working [in a film],” Brown said. 

Micah Brown was very open and honest about the film industry. 

“The reality of being an artist is that we are all terribly insecure,” Brown said.

Another attendee at the event, Cibana Patterson, talked about what stood out to her the most during Brown’s talk. 

“[…] how kind of personable he [Micah Brown] was. You see a lot of big Hollywood producers, and they’re just not [personable] so it was really cool to get that and it kind of felt like a one on one experience.”

The WIFI Film Festival is a great opportunity for young filmmakers to lift off their career and showcase their film to a live audience. This is an annual event that takes place each spring and provides people from around the world new opportunities and learning experiences. 

“I think anybody should take any opportunity for learning experiences. Because you don’t know how much you can like, you don’t know what you don’t know. So it’s like, take everything that you can,” Lillich said. 

This event is always free to attend and open to the public. Come join in on the fun at next year’s WIFI Film Festival.

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