Matthew Nyquist brings Hollywood to Washburn

Matthew Nyquist is an assistant professor of mass media at Washburn, primarily teaching film and video classes for the department. From a small town in western Kansas, Nyquist completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas before he headed west to earn a graduate degree from the University of Southern California.

He is very passionate about teaching film. Nyquist enjoys showing up for his students which means coming to set or watching the films they have done. He is also a film buff but that doesn’t mean he only knows of the big title type of films either.

“I truly believe in my students and their ability to do what they love for a career,” said Nyquist. “The skillset, mindset and work ethic are the keys to the kingdom and I try to instill that as much as I can.”

While studying at USC he was able to learn from people such a George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and many more. Nyquist has learned from many people that are in the industry while in Los Angeles as well. He worked on the “Warner Brothers” studio lot and was able to work on sets such as “The Hangover” and “Cabin in the Woods.”

“His passion for teaching is incredibly obvious and his enthusiasm is infectious,” said Adin Replogle, senior in mass media.

Nyquist not only takes pride in teaching students about film and video, but also takes pride in showing students what the industry truly is. Nyquist enjoys bringing in guest speakers that were former classmates of his during his graduate program at USC to speak with Washburn students. Some of the speakers that have come to Washburn include Allan Holzman, Anna Elizabeth James, Sev Ohanian and many more.

“Matt brought real industry knowledge and experience to the program that had never been there before. He also creates and finds opportunities for students to grow wherever their interests are,” said Ethan Jackson, mass media alumni and former student.

Nyquist’s positive qualities go beyond the duty of being a professor. He has a positive aura that seems to follow him, and it shows in his interactions with his students. He encourages them to follow their passion, shows his pride in their work and ensures to validate their work. However, while positive and uplifting, Nquist holds his students to a high standard to help them further their passion.

“I would tell new students in Matt’s classes to not be afraid to talk to him outside of class. He is very kind and encouraging to his students and he is always willing to help them succeed in whatever they are passionate about,” said Kristen Grimmer, assistant professor in mass media.


Edited by Glorianna Noland and LeSha’ Davis