Cruz vs Caitlyn Jenner over transgender rights

Brian Cervantez

Ted Cruz has made it into the news regarding the controversy surrounding transgender rights. Caitlyn Jenner has recently spoken out against Cruz, in reference to what he has said.

Cruz thinks that the current bathroom laws that are being passed will make it easier for sexual predators to find victims.

“In all honesty, I doubt Cruz even cares about the non-issue of transgender restroom use,” said Justin Green, a junior computer science major. “He is only interested in pushing his party’s policy positions to gain votes from ignorant demographics.”

The bills that have been passed by several states recently are outraging many members of the LGBT community. They believe that if a transgender person were to go into the bathroom of the sex they were born with, the person could be picked on or even assaulted. 

Some supporters of the LGBT agenda believe that the problem is directly influenced with Cruz, stating that he, along with other politicians, shouldn’t be able to dictate whether a transgender person can or can’t go into the bathroom they identify with.