Bod Brief: International program to host study abroad orientation

Jena Dean

The International Program’s study abroad orientation presentation will be held April 20 for all students who plan to study abroad during the summer or fall semesters. The presentation will highlight general travel information that will include health, laws and counseling services. In addition, the orientation will include guest speakers.

“It’s a general study abroad presentation, but we have invited presenters from across campus to come, including students who have traveled,” said Tina Williams, study abroad coordinator.

More than 75 Washburn students plan to study abroad in the upcoming summer and fall semesters in 12 different countries, including Spain, South Korea and China. The orientation will also feature tips on handling culture shock while experiencing new countries.

“We give general information and resources and then students can dig a little bit deeper to figure out exactly what they need to know to prepare themselves for their program abroad,” said Williams.

Jena Dean, [email protected], is a senior mass media major.