Brief: Theft Numbers On The Rise

Josh Setchel

Crime on college campuses is a very real problem that Washburn University is, unfortunately, suffering from. Of the most prominent forms of criminal activity that occur on the Washburn grounds, number one is theft. At the start of 2016, theft numbers consisted of one quarter of all crimes committed on campus with an average of around three per month. Over the past eight months that number has steadily risen to four and still climbing.

Sophomore accounting major Jim Henry has graciously shared his story of theft, having had his car broken into recently.

“Having my car broken into was a frightening, eye-opening experience,” he said. “I lost a lot of valuable items. Coming from a small town, theft was never much of a worry. Now I realize the risk.”

Henry continued with measures taken into his own hands to prevent a recurrence.

“While there is not a whole lot of prevention of theft with the exception of car alarms, I have taken the measure of cleaning out my car and leaving nothing valuable inside.”

He is correct in his assessment of car theft prevention and even offers advice to his fellow students.

“My only advice for students is to keep important possessions close or locked away and never forget to lock your car.”

Words of wisdom indeed. All students need to watch themselves and keep an eye on their belongings.