Students run, hunt for points in race

Josh Setchel

Homecoming week is in full swing all around Washburn University’s campus. Students cannot turn a corner without seeing some form of celebration. Whether it is a banner hanging in the union, a congregation of club members for an event, or simply someone out and about showing their Ichabod spirit, there is no denying the palpable excitement in the air.

Among the more exciting events was Tuesday evening’s Ichabod Race, in which students from various organizations came together in the Union Underground to compete in a scavenger hunt driven by riddles and questions inquiring about the school. For half an hour, over fifty students ran rampant across campus, consulting student officers at their selected posts for the questions.

“Lots of groups, all running very fast, came through and I’m very proud of them,” said Traever McPherson, sophomore legal studies major and WSGA senator.

“I loved seeing everyone’s faces tonight,” said Yanittzy Gonzalez, sophomore psychology major and WSGA senator. “Their smiles were so bright when they figured out the answers.”

The questions themselves consisted of some fairly basic riddles such as “how many months have 28 days?,” but others were more challenging. One such question asked students to figure out how one mother can deliver two babies at the same time without them being twins.

Everything came to a head as competitors raced back to the starting line, where WSGA president Malcolm Mikkelsen and Special Events Director Meagan Borth awaited with so-called, “ultimate questions.” Malcolm Mikkelsen’s, president of WSGA, riddle in particular proved challenging for many as it called into question the trust of prison guards.

The celebrations do not end yet, as Homecoming still has many events scheduled for the remainder of the week. Be sure to come out and show your support.