Sel roti: A sweet and simple recipe


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Sel roti is Sel roti is a traditional Nepali bread made from rice flour and fried in sunflower oil. It can be served as a breakfast meal with tea or be prepared for celebrations.

Sel roti is a traditional Nepali bread mostly prepared during special festivals and ceremonies. It is round and resembles a thin puffed-up doughnut made from rice flour. The dish is popular throughout Nepal. It is mostly consumed as breakfast with milk tea.

· Rice flour
· Water
· Sugar
· Ghee
· Coconut (optional)
· Banana (optional)
· Oil (required for deep frying)

To make Sel roti, wash and soak rice overnight. Drain the water from soaked rice and grind the rice in a mixer or grinder into a fine paste.

After that, add sugar to taste, then add ghee and water on the batter. The batter should be of a thick consistency.

Next, take a deep pan with 1/3 of oil, I recommend sunflower oil. Heat the oil until it is in a high flame.

Then, pour the batter in a circle shape in the oil. Let it cook until the dough turns red.

It is now ready to be served. Sel roti can be made in bulk and stored for up to 15 days.


Edited By: Simran Shrestha and LeSha’ Davis