Abbie Barth, Copy Editor and Freelance Reporter

Chocoflan is a Mexican dessert that I have enjoyed all my life. It reminds me of the many memories I have of visiting my parents’ hometown in Mexico. 

My family and I would always go to town and get a dessert while walking around, and Chocoflan was one of my favorites.

Chocoflan is a chocolate cake that has flan on top. It is also called “Pastel Imposible” in Spanish or impossible cake in English. According to my grandma, it is called that because when you add the flan mixture on top of the cake mixture in the pan (usually a Bundt pan), once you start to bake it, the flan mixture sinks to the bottom of the pan. So basically, the mixtures flips, which is so exciting to me!

In my grandma’s recipe, she uses cajeta to coat the pan before the two mixtures. I’ve heard that other people use normal caramel or other similar syrups, but to me, cajeta tastes a lot better. Cajeta is basically a thicker caramel made with goats’ milk. It is easily found in your local Walmart. To add more flavor, you can also spread some walnuts or cherries on your Chocoflan after your cake is done.

During this quarantine, I have had fun learning how to make this recipe. If you haven’t tried it, you should try this recipe because you are missing out on this chocolaty-gooey goodness!

Edited by Hannah Alleyne, Shelby Spradling