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MSG's Reputation

MSG’s Reputation

October 22, 2018

Eat local, a guide to the perfect Topeka food and beer pairings

Charles Rankin

February 13, 2018

Topeka has some really great restaurants that feature a variety of food and drink opportunities. With this mixture you are sure to find something that you enjoy eating or drinking. The trick, however, is finding that right...

How to Clean Up Your Diet

How to Clean Up Your Diet

January 24, 2018

Community feasts at Greek Food Festival

Terry Richardson

October 11, 2017

You just can’t beat authentic Greek cuisine. Visitors lined up bright and early, well before the 11 a.m. start Oct. 7 for the 13th Annual Greek Food Festival at the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Christian Church. As the chu...

Synthesize This: Picking proper protein sources pumps you up


April 26, 2017

Consuming protein is the “hip” thing to do in today’s world. It’s advertised and fortified everywhere, from health bars, cereals, supplements and even water.People need to consume some protein in their diet. But exactly...

Synthesize This: Skipping meals lead to increased health risks


April 19, 2017

Skipping meals is something college students often do without thinking of the potential negative consequences. However, it isn’t good for someone to skip a meal for any reason. Doing so can have negative affects on one...