Recreation and Wellness Center hosts 2023 spring Intramural Sports


courtesy of Washburn University

The Recreation and Wellness Center is hosting the 2023 spring Intramural Sports. These recreational sports leagues allow students, faculty and staff to participate in team and individual sports.

Washburn University hosts its own sports program which is separate from the competitive sports between colleges. This is called Intramural Sports and they are only between Washburn students, faculty and staff. For the spring 2023 season, the sports offered so far are badminton, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, ping pong, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, outdoor soccer, teqball, ping pong and a few esports games.

If you would like to join an intramural sport the process is simple and easy. Washburn uses a website called IMLeagues for organizing, signing up and planning. Once you create an account you can make a team or join one. Typically, teams are open to join, meaning you won’t have to hunt down friends to form a team. Instead, a team could be formed from other sport enthusiastic players.

Dan Wrenholt, assistant director of Club and Intramural Sports and Esports of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, shares that a new sport will be introduced if students show interest. Wrenholt has been the assistant director of Intramural sports for the past four years.

“Everything we offer is free, so there’s no extra cost to it. After registration ends, we’ll schedule out all your games. That’s a pretty simple process,” said Wrenholt.

Gracen Lesher, sophomore in Business Management, participated in the volleyball Intramurals last semester. She explained that sign up was very easy and was open weeks ahead of the participation window.

Call to Greatness is a church that is involved on our campus, and Lesher formed a team for the intramurals through Call to Greatness’ volleyball event. The practices were agreed upon between the team and were weekly. She explained that sign up was very easy and was open weeks ahead of the participation window.

“It was wholly fun and reduced some of the stress of being a student,” said Lesher.

Last semester, the intramural sports program had over 1,400 participants with popular sports like volleyball, football and basketball hosting anywhere between 5-20 teams each.

While asking Wrenholt about hosting boxing as a sport, he said anything that seems too dangerous is not very likely to become a sport but instead taught as an exercise class by an instructor.

“I’d probably go that route instead of having people actually fighting in college,” said Wrenholt. “But I know some places have wrestling so we could do something like that potentially.”

Wrenholt assured that the Intramural sports are an outlet for students to relax. Most of the offerings are only an hour a week, no practice is required and it turns out to be a fun workout. The Intramural sports are not too competitive; however, if you or your team wins you earn bragging rights and an awesome exclusive t-shirt saying you won.

Registration for dodgeball, volleyball, outdoor soccer, kickball and ping pong are still open. Check out the Intramural schedule and register for a sport here.

Edited by Aja Carter, Rakesh Swarnakar and LeSha’ Davis