How to Clean Up Your Diet

Kendra Wicks

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Maintaining a healthy diet is probably the most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle. Deciding to go to the gym is a choice we make only a few times a week, but we’re faced with the question of what to eat multiple times throughout the day.

It can be extremely difficult to continuously make good choices, so developing strong habits is key. Here are some tips on how to flip your diet around for the better.

The word “diet” has a negative connotation in our society, but the truth is, your diet is simply whatever you eat. If the idea of “dieting” stresses you out, try to think of it as fueling your body, being mindful of what you eat in accordance to your fitness goals.

It doesn’t have to be a strict plan that only allows for tasteless food.

The main key to changing your diet is to take small steps. Any sudden, radical change is going to be difficult to maintain and will likely bring you more frustration than results.

Try something simple, such as drinking more water, as a starting point. Cutting out sugary drinks, eating a green vegetable with every meal or going out to eat only once a week are all good examples of small changes you can make.

Once you comfortably fit one thing into your lifestyle, add something else.    

There are so many different ways to be aware of what you’re eating. If you’re just starting out, intuitive eating is a great place to begin. This involves simply being mindful of when and what you’re eating.

Ask yourself if you’re eating because you’re actually hungry and if what you’re taking in is good for your body. Simply paying attention to the food you’re putting into your body will improve your eating habits quickly.

If you’re ready to start keeping a record of what you’re eating, tracking your macronutrients will allow you to efficiently build muscle or shred fat. Macronutrients are fats, proteins and carbs. Eating the right amounts of these nutrients will give your body the supplies it needs to slim down or bulk up, depending on your personal goals.

Intermittent fasting is a practice that involves waiting until around mid-day to eat. This allows people who are eating less calories to feel less hungry at night and avoid the temptation to eat more. These two techniques can be used separately or combined, depending on your personal preference and goals.

However you choose to eat, make sure it’s a way that works well with your lifestyle and schedule. Prepare your meals early, track macros a few days a week or simply listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry.

Keep an eye on your health and make sure that whatever path you choose leaves you with a positive relationship with your body and with food. 

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