‘Smile’ scares with spooky sounds and sights

Laura is being zipped in a body bag with a smile on her face.

What if your death was announced by someone smiling at you and screaming “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!”? It doesn’t sound too scary and maybe you would think the person is just crazy, but “Smile” made it something I am afraid of possibly happening to myself.

This horror movie turned a very mundane job into a nightmare and its use of human-like noises will send chills down your back.

“Smile” introduces main character Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) in her workplace as a psychiatrist in a hospital psych ward. She was just about to head home after working a shift for over 12 hours, but one last person came into the hospital screaming that she was going to die and needed help. Laura (Caitlin Stasey), the patient, tried to explain to Rose that a demon takes the form of others and has them smiling at her while telling her she is going to die. Even though Rose tried her best to get Laura to calm down, it did not stop said demon from joining them in the room. Laura was the only one able to see it, which caused her to scream for help again. Rose rushed to get some but not before seeing Laura smiling at her brandishing a shard of glass which she uses to cut her mouth into a grisly grin. This leaves Laura dying with a smile on her face.

Rose is now the demon’s next victim and even though she did not believe her patient at first, she ends up very paranoid after Laura’s death.

Rose learns the demon’s main goal and what drives it, but did this give her the upper hand?

During this movie I almost screamed multiple times. I had to cover my face over and over again because of the noises that came when something was happening or about to happen. Parker Finn, the director and screenwriter, wanted the score to be creepy and original. The composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer was able to create the human-like noises using a “daxophone.” A daxophone is played like a violin or a double bass bow and looks like a thin plank of wood. The sounds you heard in the movie sounded surreally like human groans and moans, which had me sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the next jump scare.

“Smile” is a must see and may be one of the best new horror movies in a while. I would suggest adding this creepy movie to your list of Halloween movies.


Edited by Justin Shepard