Vladislav Baidin ventures to Washburn

Washburn University has a diverse set of students from different countries across the world, most of whom come to Washburn for different reasons. The International House works to ensure that exchange students have the best experience they can receive at the university. One of those exchange students is Vladislav Baidin. Baidin is from Russia and is staying at Washburn for a year.
Baidin came to Washburn as part of the Year of Exchange in America for Russians program, so that he can learn about American society, and what the nation has to offer. He didn’t exactly choose to come to Washburn like most international students, but was sent here by the exchange program.
“It’s a unique opportunity to have such a diverse group of students come to Washburn,” said Andy Vogel, coordinator of international student recruitment.
Baidin is not alone, as other Russian students came to campus as part of the YEAR program as well, each taking their own set of classes for the year.
“They’re just visiting students for a year, their scholarships are from the US Embassy in Moscow,” Vogel said.
Baidin is majoring in computer science, and is taking an introduction course to American law as part of the exchange program. He does, however, have the right to decide some of the other courses he’ll take during his time here.
“This came as a surprise to me, because in Russia, I have ten classes per semester, and I can not choose classes,” Baidin said.
Despite the plethora of changes when compared to what he’s used to in Russia, Baidin is adapting to campus life well, and is enjoying what the campus has to offer him.
“I thought it would be worse, but I really like it. I like this campus, it’s like a whole town,” Baidin said.