WSGA meeting report 9/15


Ben Doole

Swearing In: Luiz Alcantra and Ana Estrada-Varges are both sworn into WSGA cabinet. The WSGA met for their weekly meeting Sept.15 in the Kansas Room on the upper floor of the Memorial Union.

The WSGA met for their weekly meeting Sept. 15th, In the Kansas Room on the upper floor of the Memorial Union.

Communications and Marketing Director Carter, reported about the social media engagement, and how the numbers have skyrocketed. The engagement is now up a whopping 245% and is fastly growing. He also reported about a promotional video, which is now on social media, and how he is putting the finishing touches on social media giveaways.

Vice President Babcock, talked about making a list of all former WSGA members so they can be reached if needed. Another goal of his was to finish up editing cabinet head shots so they can be posted on social media. Lastly, Babcock spoke of the donation link for Can Emporia that helps work with harvesters.

Campus & Community Affairs Director Hanes, reported more on Can Emporia and the incentives that will come with Washburn winning. He also spoke on the extremely exciting and entertaining comedian Jay Pharo, who will be doing a comedy show right here at Washburn University.

Public forum 1: Members of the cabinet spoke about the recent (trigger warning) sexual assault allegations that are coming from athletic programs and greek life fraternities and sorities in other colleges around America. They discussed how to help make sure everyone is held accountable, and how at this moment there is no required training against sexual assault in greek life and athletic programs. They also discussed the idea of making organizations, athletes and all greek life do the training to help better the safety of Washburn.

Alcantara Appointment: There were two senators sworn in during the Sept. 15 meeting. In the Alcantara appointment, Luiz Alcantara was sworn in to be a senator for the WSGA cabinet. The Washburn Student Government Association Senate approved the appointment of Luiz Alcantara to serve in the capacity of Senator.

Estrada-Vargas Appointment: The two senators were sworn in at the same time during the meeting in the Estrada-Vargas appointment. Ana Estrada-Vargas was sworn in to be a senator for the WSGA cabinet.

Roll Call: What kind of dog breed describes your personality? According to a majority of WSGA members, their personality could be described as a golden retriever.
Edited by Ellie Walker