Ichabods come back and defeat Augustana


Joy Smith

GOAL: Senior midfielder Tera Lynch scores the second goal in Washburn’s 2-1 victory against Augustana.

It was an exciting end-to-end game which saw senior midfielder Tera Lynch’s penalty conversion complete a comeback win.

The game started dismally for the Ichabods.

In the third minute, an Augustana free kick was delivered to the box where it received a light, possible deflection off the front of the bundle of players vying to reach it. But instead of a volley coming at her, which keeper Wells was naturally expecting, the ball bounced undeterred into the side netting.

But fifteen minutes later a cracking shot by freshman midfielder Viviana Soto-Herrera inspired the momentum for Washburn’s comeback.

Her shot to the far post was going in but the Augustana goalkeeper made an incredible mid-air save. The ball went off the crossbar and out of play, but the fans started to make noise.

The very next minute when the Ichabods returned downfield, Lynch was hacked for a possible penalty at the edge of the box. The referee deemed the contact ended before they entered the box and therefore a free kick. Lynch had been standing behind the ball since she was fouled, and after a couple minutes when the referee gave her the signal, Lynch fizzed the ball straight to the side netting.

There was a lot of movement in the box before the free kick, and it appeared an alley opened up through which the ball passed.

“We train that in practice the day before a game, our set pieces. And usually, if we’re on the 20 yard line and anything out, we have some plays we run. But David [Davy Phillips] kind of gives me the green light and says if we’re any closer than that, then just hit it. So I just went with what he told me to do,” said Lynch.

Lynch also scored a penalty in the 56th minute for the go-ahead goal. It’s her third goal in two games, which is tying Rogers State’s Vanessa Gonzalez for highest goal scorer this season in the MIAA.

“I’m not really focused on that. I’m more focused on just getting the results. So whether it’s me scoring, or the other four, Khloe [Schuckman], or any of our attacking mids, as long as we can score and get the job done, that’s what I’m worried about,” said Lynch.

An Augustana free kick in the second half almost matched Lynch’s feat. The shot hit the far part of the crossbar, and a second attempt from close range was parried over one-handed by Ichabod sophomore keeper Raegan Wells, and Washburn hung on to win the game 2-1.

Match minutes

3’ GOAL An Augustana free-kick taken by Morgan Keirstead encounters a light, possible deflection off the swarm of players running into the box and bounces into the goal’s side netting.

5’ Soto-Herrera has a half-chance in the box. She was rushed to shoot off-balance by two Augustana defenders.

10’ Keirstead has a shot from 30 yards straight to Wells who didn’t have to move.

20’ Viviana Soto-Herrera has a crack from the edge of the box. The keeper dives to the right, and in mid-air, is able to parry it away onto the crossbar.

21’ Tera Lynch unleashes a hard shot from a tight angle right in front of the keeper, who, again, pushes it over the bar.

23’ Possible penalty as Tera Lynch is brought down on the edge of the box. The referee deems contact ended outside the box. Lynch to take the free-kick.

24’ GOAL Fizzed into the side netting, straight to the point. It was never more than four feet off the ground. The keeper had no chance from where she was set up. An alley emerged in the box before Lynch fired the shot right through it.

28’ A Washburn excursion into the box ends with a disrupted through ball and Tera Lynch tope-poking it for formality as it was always being bundled up the keeper.

33’ Washburn defenders have put in two crunching tackles in as many minutes. The ref walks over to the last incident and ensures the player is okay.

34’ The Augustana free-kick sails over the box, but it’s an even bigger missed opportunity than just that. One of the Augustana players was unmarked and in plenty of space in right front of the goal.

35’ Again Augustana should have scored. A ball pops out from within a crowd in the box and on a volley, the shot hits a standing Washburn defender who didn’t know much about it.

47’ Khloe Schuckman on a forty-yard fastbreak, outruns the last defender and guides the ball into the box where her waist-high attempt to the far post gets blocked by the keeper.

54’ Collision in the Washburn box might be a penalty. The players got tangled up then crashed together suddenly. The referee says no penalty, but a foul, two blades of grass outside the box.

55’ PENALTY Straight at the other end, Schuckman gets her feet kicked out from under her. She’s clearly inside the box, by the six-yard line. The referee pointed straight to the spot. Tera Lynch will take the kick.

56’ GOAL Tera Lynch picks a side and hits it hard. An emphatic penalty that’s straight to the point.

60’ Once again, an Augustana goal-to-be is stopped by a Washburn defender’s standing leg.

61’ Olivia Harriger breaks into the box and is brought down slowly. The referee waves the penalty appeals away.

70’ Augustana had a free kick on the edge of the box. It ricochets off the crossbar and Wells parries the subsequent attempt one-handed over the crossbar.

83’ Tensions are starting to rise. Benches and the crowd are getting comfortable with heckling. The referee signals the physios for an Augustana player on the ground. Play resumes after about two minutes.

Edited by: Kyle Manthe and Madison Dean