Lynch scores winning point in season opener


Derek Blanchard

Driving it home: Washburn’s Tera Lynch driving the ball down the field in this week’s game against Jewell College. Lynch scored a goal in the second half allowing Washburn to take home the win.

The Ichabods dominated the direction of play for the full 90 minutes.

It was senior Tera Lynch who sensed a broken pass in the opening minutes of the second half, and deposited the loose ball into the far, top corner. Never in any doubt of being intercepted by the keeper, it floated with backspin cleanly and comfortably into the side netting with room to spare.

“She did a great job of winning the ball for us, in creating the tempo and staying dangerous throughout the match,” said head coach Davy Phillips.

The three biggest chances of the game came within three minutes of each other.

Freshman Khloe Schuckman had an impressive debut up the left side. Constantly at the end of Washburn attacks, Schuckman nearly scored in the moments before Lynch’s goal.

Receiving a pass deep inside the box, Schuckman fired a surprise shot which the keeper had to dive to parry it wide of the goal post.

Newly down 0-1, the Cardinals had their only chance of the game soon after in the 53rd minute.

A redirected header went over the sophomore keeper, Raegan Wells, and appeared threatening. It bounced off the crossbar high and came back into play, safely descending into Wells’ waiting hands.

“There was an unknown about them. But I thought we adjusted well and especially the second half,” said Coach Phillips. “We kept them off. We’ve got a really solid team here. We’ve got to continue to develop and get better. But I like who we are early on in the season.”

Match minutes
9’ Mackenzie Menke broke into the box and beat the oncoming keeper to the ball which Menke attempted to lift over the first time but it was blocked by the keeper.

14’,15’ Back to back headers, blocked and missing wide.

22’ Viviana Soto-Herrara intercepts the ball and creates a string of creative, advancing passing that ends offside.

33’ WJ keeper again denies a breaking Ichabod inside the box. This time Khloe Schuckman. (Who created many chances up the left side.)

44’ Free kick outside the box just before halftime lofts over an unmarked Ichabod.

END OF FIRST HALF Ichabods dominated the direction of play, resulting in 4 chances in the box all ending off target.

47’ Khloe Schuckman receives a pass deep inside the box fires a surprise shot which the keeper had to dive low to save. It was going in about eight inches from the post.

51’ GOAL Tera Lynch places a broken pass high into the far corner, beyond the keeper.

53’ A forwarded header by WJ goes over Raegan Wells and appeared like it was going over the crossbar, but it bounced off it and straight upwards. It came back into play and descended into Wells’ waiting hands safely with time.

58’ Khloe Schuckman again at the end of a Washburn attack up the left side. This time she weaves in and out of a defender and has her cross blocked for a corner.

75’ Washburn sends a frustrated shot sailing over the bar from outside the box.

82’ Washburn still dominating possession and direction with six shots on goal and six corners, compared to WJ’s zero shots and two corners.

84’ Tera Lynch shoots narrowly wide from the top of the D after making space from the defender.

86’ A stray ball moves into Tera Lynch’s path from outside the box, who fires it the first time and forces the keeper to the ground.

Edited by: Madison Dean