Bod Brief: First Friday Float


Photo courtesy of Dirty Girl Adventures

River Rapids: Spend the first Friday of June with friends on the Kaw River. Don’t forget a hat and sunblock.

This Friday on June 4 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm Dirty Girl Adventures will be holding a First Friday Float.

The float will start at the Kaw River State Park and end at the improved Topeka Weir. The short float experience includes time on a sandbar and two white water passages right before the end.

The event will be moved to Lake Shawnee if river conditions are not optimal.

People who are interested in attending are encouraged to bring sunscreen, water, snacks/lunch and other beverages. They are also encouraged to bring clothes that can dry quickly along with a hat and water shoes.

To see the event online and purchase tickets, which start at $40 for club members and $50 for others, click here.