Bod Brief: Butterfly ball at great overland station


Grand Architecture: The Great Overland Station does not see much use nowadays but used to be central to the development of Topeka. Events like the Butterfly Ball are more common here now than trains.

The Family Gala – Butterfly Ball is coming to the Great Overland Station on April 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Hosted by Shawnee County Parks and Recreation, the event is primarily geared for parents who want to treat their children to a fun and memorable evening in the historic railroad station. Dinner, dancing to a DJ and a photo booth have all been advertised for the event.

Fees for the event are $40 per couple and $14 per child. Pre-registration is required at 785-260-3644 with the deadline being April 20.

The Great Overland Station is located in North Topeka at 701 N. Kansas Ave. Check out the Facebook event here.