Bod Brief: volunteer opportunity at Topeka sharefest


Photo courtesy of Sharefest

Change for the better: Sharefest works to improve schools in the Topeka community. Sign up now to help out with their efforts.

The 2021 Topeka Sharefest will be hosted by the Fellowship Bible Church and will be held on Saturday, April 24 from 8:00 am to noon.

The Sharefest Celebration will be held from noon to 1:00 pm after the previous event has concluded. This will be held at the Evergy Plaza in downtown Topeka on 630 S. Kansas Ave. where food trucks will be gathered and prayer services will be held.

Sharefest is described as an event created by local churches and organizations that believe that more things can be accomplished together than by any one group working on its own. The churches and organizations that participate in Sharefest serve by landscaping, painting, constructing and cleaning up the grounds of school and buildings in the Topeka area.

This year, Sharefest will be helping the Topeka 501 School District and Seaman School district. Volunteers will be able to choose which site they want to work.
Registration for Sharefest is currently open for any who wish to help out, meet new people and participate in an activity that will improve the Topeka community. Registration closes on April 23.

The link to register for the event and learn more about it can be found here.

Edited by: Crystal Hendrix