Bod Brief: Its Tulip Time again


Heralds of spring: thousands of flowers will be blooming throughout April at three locations in Topeka. Tulip Time occurs every year and is a great opportunity to enjoy the fruits of mother nature.

Beginning on April 9 and running to the 25 three gardens in Topeka will be taking part in Jerold Binkley Tulip Time, featuring nearly 100,000 tulips and flowering bulbs.

The three parks that will be taking part in Tulip Time include the Ted Ensley Gardens at Lake Shawnee, Old Prairie Town/Ward-Meade Botanical Garden, and Doran Rock Garden including surrounding areas in Gage Park.

The event is named after Jerold Binkley who passed away in 2019. Tulip Time began nearly 30 years ago in the home gardens of Jerold and Joan Binkley.

Tulip Time is a great way to explore some interesting locations in the Topeka area and enjoy the natural beauty of the numerous flowers sprouting there. In the past, Tulip Time has been attended by people from around the world, making Topeka a popular annual destination for many visitors.

Tulips at Twilight will also be returning this year throughout April. Admission is a $5 donation while children five and under are free.

Tulip Time Festival at Lake Shawnee is set for April 17 at the Ted Ensley Gardens. It runs from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and a $5 donation is required for guests to enter. Live musical performances, vendors. and a classic car show will be present.

For more information about Tulip Time, check out this link.

Edited by: Crystal Hendrix, Katrina Johnson