Topeka metro board waives fares through end of November


Courtesy of Topeka Metro

November 2020 Bus Fares Waived

The Topeka Metro board met Oct. 19 and unanimously voted to waive fares until the end of November. These waived fares apply on fixed routes and paratransit buses. Fixed route busses will use rear boarding unless passengers are mobility restricted or need the ramp or kneeler.

Management of Topeka Metro has been working on creating a safer environment for the bus operators as well as passengers to be able to re-establish fares. Safety chains at the front of the bus by the operator will continue to be secured. Passengers will be required to wear masks when they are on the bus, inside Quince Street Station and in the parking lot.

The bus operators that have fixed routes will not be required to wear a face-covering while they are in the operator compartment. The safety barrier will remain closed and latched when bus operators are inside. At all other times, operators will be required to wear face-coverings.

Topeka Metro General Manager, Bob Nugent stated, “We have waived bus fares since late March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Nugent had also said, “Suspending fares has been widely put into place among public transits, however, with stay-at-home orders lifting nationwide, many transits are returning to charging fares. Our team is working to improve our current procedures and looking to better safety equipment and measures so we can resume normal operations again.”

Washburn students have the year-round benefit of boarding the busses for free by using a current student ID.