Adulting 101 with Coach Herron


Washburn Volleyball

Coach Herron teaches players how to change a car tire.

Even with the regular volleyball season delayed, Coach Chris Herron is still teaching his players to set themselves up for success.

Herron wanted to keep the team together and focused. He is teaching lessons he believes should be, but are not, taught in school. That is how ‘Adulting 101’ was created.

“I want it to just be everyday life stuff (…) just stuff that every kid should be able to have, and be able to function with,” said Herron, who is beginning his 19th season at Washburn.

Herron hopes to be back coaching as soon as possible. He prepared for the long haul by writing down his ideas about what he wants to teach.

Up to this point, Herron and assistant coach Haley Kindall have been planning the sessions, but are open to whatever the players want. One of those sessions includes helping each player get registered to vote in the upcoming election.

“We talked about voting immediately when all of the social unrest in the country began to happen, and we talked about how important that was. That same day, that’s when I decided that my team was going to be 100 percent registered to vote before the election, and now, we are,” said Herron.

The goal of the sessions is for players to become more prepared for life outside of volleyball. The voter registration session appears to have done that.

“I think just being able to lend some help to those who need it in order to fulfill that duty is super-important,” said Kelsey Gordon, a junior middle hitter.

As the wait for sports continues, Herron hopes that each future session will provide students with a skill or opportunity to help them the rest of their lives.

Edited by Joelle Conway, Jason Morrison