Wireless Internet available in res living

ReAnne Utemark

Students in the residence halls will be a little more mobile this year with wireless Internet in the dorms. While the campus wireless, the tsunami network, has been open to anyone with a washburn.edu e-mail address, the new WUStudent network will be encrypted for more security.

According to Kevin Halgren, assistant director for system and network services, there will be two networks for students to use, one will be encrypted, WUStudent, and one will be unencrypted, WUPublic, but users will still have to register their wireless device before they can use WUPublic. Users of WUStudent will be required to get Wireless Internet available in res living their WUAD information from Bennett Computer Center room 104. This is also the information to access the computers in Mabee Library and other computer labs on campus.

In previous years, Information Systems and Services required a scan of computers that would be connected to the wired Internet in the dorms. This scanned the computers for viruses that could pose a potential threat. This scan will not be required of the computers connected to the wireless Internet, but Halgren said he recommended that students still have their computers scanned. Students can have their computers scanned during Move-In Day, or they can go to Bennett.

“We are trying to do this as a service, as opposed to a mandate,” said Halgren.

Also, technicians will help students get WUAD information available in Bennett Computer Center, room 104. online through the wireless network and answer any questions.

The wireless network will be faster than the wired network, according to Halgren. While the wired network provided 10 Mbps, the wireless will provide up to 54 Mbps.

Halgren said that most access points on campus, both in the dorms and out, would provide access to both WUPublic and WUStudent.

Representatives from ISS will be on hand during Move-In Day to help answer questions and provide help with the new system.