‘Country Divided: Modernity and Tradition in Peru’ topic of Brown Bag International Lecture

Washburn University

TOPEKA- “A Country Divided: Modernity and Tradition in Peru” will be discussed by Miguel Gonzalez-Abellas, associate professor and chair, modern languages, at the Brown Bag International Lecture at noon Wednesday, Nov. 12, at the International House, Washburn University. The event is free and open to the public. The tension in Peru between Alan Garcia’s government and the indigenous people around the Cusco region seems to be growing: Garcia’s desire to modernize the country is facing serious opposition, including violent demonstrations. Some of the cultural and economic roots of conflict will be addressed based on the author’s conversations with different people while attending a conference in Cusco, in March 2008. The international programs office sponsors the series. For information, call (785) 670-1051 or visit www.washburn.edu/iip.