Women win 3, improve to 10-5

As the season began for the Ichabods, the Washburn women’s basketball team started off with several new players and only a few returning players with playing time from last season.

As the Ichabods began the non-conference games, the Bods started off by winning with margins of nearly 30-point wins. However, once conference play began, the Bods teetered back-and-forth with wins and losses. 

“Well you know it’s not the start we exactly wanted,” said Ron McHenry, head coach. “We have so many new players and only having two kids back that have really played for us and so it was going to be a process and the process has taken longer. The process is changing and I think we are playing better.” 

The key for the less-experience team is to take it day by day says McHenry. 

“We are still probably playing at 70 percent, which is good and bad,” said McHenry. “That means we have a lot of room for improvement and can get better. Some teams can’t do that. I feel like if we keep heading in the right direction we can get better and better and better.”

The Washburn women’s basketball team won its latest game against Pittsburg State University. The Bods were up the first half 29-23. During the entire game, WU did not score any three-pointers, but scored 26 points off of free-throws alone. The Ichabods won the game 70-60.

Washburn is now 10-5 overall and 5-3 in the conference after winning the last three games. The next game starts at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Lee Arena where the Ichabods will take on the University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos. The Bronchos are 5-4 in conference play and are coming off a big win over University of Nebraska at Kearney.  

“We had a slow start, but I definently think we are getting on the right track right now,” said senior center Kara Lee.

Lee is the only senior this year for the Washburn team. Lee believes that she is gaining more confidence as the season goes on. Although her ultimate goal is to make it to tournament play, she and her teammates are looking forward to the game in particular- Emporia.

“They’re always our rival and they are ranked pretty high this year. It will definently be a big game that we are all excited for,” said junior forward Brittney Lynch.

The Bods have five games to play before they meet Emporia in Lee Arena. McHenry says that he is focusing on each game as it comes. He has a few expectations for his team as the season goes on.

“Well I want this team to understand how good they can be,” said McHenry. “I want them to get in the fight so that they understand competition against the best. I want them to become more of a team. We have so many new players that are still individual, and we gotta become more of a basketball team. We want them to meet their full potential.”