Zeta house Thinks Pink

Gabriela Rodriguez, gabriela.rodriguez@ washburn.edu, is a freshman nursing major.

When most people think of October,

they correlate the month

with Halloween, pumpkins and the

leaves changing color.

However, October is more than

just a month to pull out your boots

and sweaters; it is a time to “Think


October 1 marked the beginning

of Breast Cancer Awareness

Month, and now it is in full swing.

Throughout the month, events,

such as marathons and fundraisers,

are held nationwide to support both

survivors and women currently

fighting the disease, raise awareness

of breast cancer itself and

raise money to support research for

a cure.

According to the American Cancer

Society, 1 in 8 women in America

will develop invasive breast

cancer during their lifetime. That

being said, it is not a stretch to say

that nearly everyone will be affected

by breast cancer in some way.

The Zeta sorority house at Washburn

is very active in promoting

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Zeta kicked off their Think Pink

activities by tying pink ribbons

around campus to raise awareness.

“To Zeta, pink ribbons are a symbol

of a dedication to help others

fight against breast cancer. When

we put up ribbons, we hope to make

students think about how they can

act to help those with breast cancer.

We also hope that the ribbons

will remind them that they need to

check themselves for early signs

of breast cancer,” said Think Pink

chair Baylie Ginter.

Pink ribbons are just the beginning

of Zeta’s work during Breast

Cancer Awareness Month. They

will also host many other activities

throughout October, including the

Think Pink football game and tailgate,

a pink picnic chili feed at the

Zeta house, the Big Man On Campus

mens’ pageant and a fundraiser

at Papa Keno’s Pizzeria to help

financially support breast cancer

education and awareness.

“Our opportunity to help fight

breast cancer has taught us many

valuable lessons. It has shown

us the beauty of helping others,

taught us responsibility and brings

us together in new ways each year.

Working together to fight for something

that affects so many people is

a truly amazing thing,” said Ginter.

Breast cancer is the second leading

cause of death from cancer in

women, and the American Cancer

Society estimates over 232,000

new cases diagnosed in 2014.

“ It is important to have a month

dedicated to breast cancer in order

to spread the word,” said Ginter.

“When people hear about breast

cancer and see pink everywhere,

it reminds them to get checked so

they can catch the signs of cancer