Washburn dorms listed among most affordable

Derek Richardson, Mark Feuerborn

According to Affordable Schools, Washburn’s residential living is among the top 30 most affordable college dorms in the country.

Affordable Schools is a website dedicated to finding affordable colleges. They are a leading higher education resource. They listed Washburn’s dorms as number 21 on their list of “Most Inviting yet Affordable College Dorms in America.”

“I’m thrilled in that we really do have quality facilities here and quality services and to be recognized for that is wonderful,” said Mindy Rendon, director of Residential Living.

To determine which schools were the most affordable, Affordable Schools looked at statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. They also took into consideration the residential halls’ charm. Each place was individually visited and investigated on factors such as appeal, amenities, facilities and social scene.

The cost of each of the 30 schools on the list were below the NCES 2012/13 average cost, which included board. Additionally, the appearance of each of the dorms are considered pretty and have outstanding amenities. Affordable Schools calls it “the best-value college experience that money can buy.”

According to the website, Washburn had charm and elegance on the outside with plenty of activities on the inside to keep students happy. The exterior of the Living Learning Center gives way to many classrooms, study rooms and communal spaces.

The website was also impressed with the other dorms on campus, stating that Kuehne and West hall look more like extended townhouses than typical dorms.

Students also like their experience of living in the dorms. In particular, students like the fact that they have their own bathrooms.

“For the money, we have the nicest dorms I’d say. I’ve seen K-State’s and they’re trash,” said Colby Cannon, a freshman pre-pharmacy student. “I don’t mind paying for my own bathroom.”

Dawson DeShazo, a freshman criminal justice major, agrees.

“It’s pretty private, and I don’t have to worry about taking showers in front of other people and shampoo thieves,” DeShazo said.

Rendon said just under 700 students live on campus, with over half being freshmen. While currently there is no waiting list, there have been before.

Rendon believes one of the best things about dorm life is making connections with other students.

“The one-on-one interactions that they have with their neighbors is probably most influential in regards to what makes them want to stay,” Rendon said.

Washburn is currently in the early stages of planning a new dorm hall. Rendon said that they are working on strategic planning on what the hall will look like and what it will be known for. Most importantly, they are trying to figure out how it will serve the students.

“It’s pretty cool to be able to have somebody that’s in your class that’s living under the same roof as you are and if you miss notes, you’re able to get them from somebody, or if you just want to walk to class with somebody, some are available to do that with,” Rendon said. “I think that what’s helpful, and I think that’s what makes people enjoy the facilities, and I think it’s what helps them get connected to the university.”