NOTO Arts District website hacked

Ryan Ogle

A group identifying themselves as Team System DZ has hijacked the website for Topeka’s NOTO Arts District.

On Friday morning, was taken over by hackers claiming to support ISIS took over NOTO’s website and posted the following message,

“A message to all peoples of the world and especially to governments. Islamic State List to restore the right of Muslims who have been killed by your governments savage and unjust. Islamic state will restore dignity for Muslims Will purge the land of the Muslims from the hypocrites infidels. It intervenes you will equip you to dwell in cemeteries.”

The post includes the email address – [email protected]

Sources with ties to the arts district report that multiple arts-focused websites have been subject to similar hacks over the last couple of weeks.

The website is reportedly maintained by a Florida-based designer.

Update — By 2 p.m. this afternoon, the message had been taken down. At this time, the URL displays a white screen with the words “Site Under Construction.”