Program offers financial tips

Program offers financial tips

Emily Kobzar

American Student Assistance is offering a free, non-profit financial education and aid program called SALT.

The program, created by the American Student Assistance, offers financial advice to current students and for those who have already graduated. SALT aims to help guide students through loan issues and finances in general. The program also has a website that offers resources and information about scholarships, jobs, internships and financial advice. As college students look for different and creative ways to pay for college, the SALT program provides opportunities and solutions for becoming a financially literate student or graduate.

Along with the other helpful resources on the website, students can calculate a monthly budget geared toward paying back student loans in a timely fashion, as well as comparing different loan options. In addition, the SALT program features a car loan calculator equipped to compare rates based on an individual’s credit. SALT has also gone mobile with smart phone apps that allow users to estimate anything from their net worth to life savings.

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