Car wash supports criminal justice students’ trip to Denver

Kenzie McCoy

Washburn’s Criminal Justice Association hosted its annual fundraising car wash on Saturday, Sept. 5 at the Gage Bowl bowling alley.

Students a part of this group met together and washed cars from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to raise money for their group’s future activities. The CJA has hosted the car wash for a few years, and will continue raising money for students a part of this group with future fundraisers, such as a breakfast burrito bar.

“One of the main focuses behind fundraising this year is to have enough funding to help CJA members interested in attending research conferences,” said Tayler Hawks, a senior criminal justice and sociology major. “I think supporting the CJA is important, since many of the members will have careers in the criminal justice field. The main purpose of the organization is to provide networking opportunities between students and people who already have careers in the field.”

Joshua Ferris, a senior criminal justice major, said he was happy with the amount of people that brought their cars and donated on Saturday.

“There were some faculty members and there were a lot of people from our own group that came out, but not a huge turnout student-wise,” said Ferris.

This year’s car wash raised $96, which will all go toward the CJA and will financially help students travel to Denver to complete their Washburn experience and learn more about the criminal justice field.

“If students are interested in the criminal justice field, they should check our club out because we have a lot of good opportunities for volunteering, which looks great on resumes,” said Ferris.