The New MacBook – Faster and Pinker. Or Bronzer?

Josh Setchel

Remember that picture of the dress that floated around last year and the world couldn’t decide on the color?  Well get ready to have another debate about the new MacBook. Depending on the light, Apple’s newest laptop model will appear either a delicate shade of bronze or incredibly pink. Either way, it’s exceedingly more vibrant than the standard gray.

But that’s not all. In addition to the new color scheme, the MacBook will run approximately twenty-five percent faster, promising better graphics performance and an extra hour of battery life, addressing the most common complaint about Apple products.  It may not seem like much of an upgrade for those who already own last year’s model but for those a few years behind, or coming to Apple for the first time, it’s a worthy reason to invest.

Best of all, the new color will be available in both Pro and Air models, giving consumers the best of both worlds.  The more powerful Pro vs the more size convenient Air. Bright pink vs. delicate bronze. Choose your side Apple users.