Bod Magazine: Student Media welcomes all majors to newsroom


If you like to be in the middle of the action on campus, look no further than Student Media! There is always a new story to break, whether it’s changes in the cafeteria, new buildings on campus or profiles on the work of outstanding professors.

At Student Media, you’ll get up close to the goings-on at Washburn and you’ll be the first to release crucial news information to your peers and campus community. Student Media gives you real-life experience for a resume and networking opportunities with people in the community and beyond. You’ll sharpen your writing skills, fine-tune your communication abilities, gain experience in photography and multimedia, and develop a system of professional contacts. Student Media also offers opportunities for skill advancement in teamwork, management and leadership. With commitment and dedicated effort, Student Media is a fulfilling experience that rewards beyond the paycheck.

We are a team effort and with that comes the natural ties of friendship. The atmosphere of our office can range from concentrated to hectic, but there is always an underlying sense of mentorship and comradery.

You may be thinking that Student Media is just for journalism majors, but let me assure you that whatever major you come from, you can find a place here! Student Media has employees from criminal justice, psychology, history, education, business, nursing and many more. In fact, it’s that array of perspectives that is essential for good reporting.

Student Media is one of the easiest ways to get plugged into your campus because it connects you with organizations and resources that you may not realize are here. It gives you the opportunity to make connections with a vast amount of people on campus while doing the work of informing readers about events that matter.

“In my experience with Student Media, I have grown a better awareness for the news and events going on, both in the school and the rest of the world,” said Faith Hadley, junior nursing major and reporter for Student Media. “It has helped me to network and meet a lot of wonderful people.”

Student Media is always looking for new recruits to join our team as photographers, videographers, reporters and designers. Apply online today at!

This is an article from the Spring/Summer 2016 Bod Magazine. Pick up your FREE copy today WITH additional content in front of the Student Media Office located on the lower level of Memorial Union.