Smash Glam dresses up for women’s empowerment

Lisa Herdman

Tiffany Cody and Aisha Simon recently lead Smash Glam’s Personal Branding Boot Camp: Teen Edition from 2–5 p.m. on August 12 in its North Topeka second headquarters above the Yeldarb Art Gallery.

Smash Glam is a company focused on professional makeup and photography, offering an assortment of classes for young adults. The focus of this particular class was teaching the students how to find their own style and dress professionally, as well as teaching them how to apply makeup and do their hair to promote confidence.

Cody, photographer and owner of Smash Glam, expressed her want to give back to the community and help young girls achieve their goals.

“At Smash Glam we’re dedicated to building up our communities, these classes give young women the inspiration to dress for success,” Cody said. “We’re helping them to put their best foot forward in any endeavors, starting with believing in themselves and ending with steps toward attacking their own goals as a professional.”

The class started with a speech from Aisha Simon, encouraging the two attending participants, Nia Martin and Emmerson Frasier, to have confidence in themselves and to remember to face their goals.

“I wish I would have carried with me what I knew success looked like, as far as going to college and getting a degree – as well as dressing for success,” Simon said. “It’s good to be passionate about looking and feeling good. Remember to carry with you what others teach you.”

The girls were given a bag of makeup and hair products as a gift and how to use them, also learning how to take care of their hair and skin. Each was given their own table to work at, complete with a mirror and notebooks.

The second part of the class featured quick and easy hairstyles and makeup tricks that the girls could use if they are in a hurry to get ready in the morning.

Simon helped the girls style their hair and and practice putting on makeup with their own makeup and accessories.

The event was planned to be done annually, but with the interest expressed around Topeka the classes will now be held quarterly. Seasonal styles and makeup trends will change with each class.

The next class for fall styles is scheduled for November 12 and participants are encouraged to sign up early.

“When you look good, you feel good,” explained Cody. “We aim to promote self-confidence in our youth because they are the future and they need the support of leaders in their own community.”

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