Faculty Letter to Students: Teachers respond to safety concerns

Dear Ichabods,

We, the undersigned, join with our fellow faculty and staff members to commit ourselves to ensuring Washburn continues to become a more inclusive living and learning environment. We will not abide acts of bigotry, violence or intimidation on our campus.

There has never been a time when prejudice was not present in America, but there is no doubt that racial and ethnic tensions and intolerance in this country have recently increased in ways both ugly and heartbreaking.

There is no doubt that the national statistics on sexual assault—especially on college campuses—are staggering, or that discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion and nation of origin is very much alive.

There is no doubt that the climbing costs of a college education make it more difficult than ever for students to complete their degrees.

As your teachers, your advisors, your mentors, your supervisors and your friends, we know that these realities impact your Washburn experience.

Yet, we see so many of you continue to practice hope and resiliency. We see you struggle to use your experiences and education to improve your communities. We are so proud of your efforts—and encouraged by them. We support you. We want to help.

Find us. We will listen to you. We will empathize. We will strategize. We will help connect you to campus resources like the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, Counseling Services, International Programs, the Center for Student Success, the Office of Student Life and the many student organizations that welcome members of all backgrounds and identities.

You are not alone.


Marin Abell, Art;

Deborah Altus, Human Services;

Stephen Angel, Chemistry;

Tom Averill, English;

Jennifer Ball, School of Business;

Rick Barker, Computer Information Sciences;

Jessica Newman Barraclough, Student Activities and Greek Life;

Janice Bacon, Allied Health;

Karen Barron, English;

Gerald Bayens, School of Applied Studies;

Shelley Bearman, Center for Student Success;

Joel Bluml, Student Life;

Melanie Burdick, English and C-TEL;

Karen Camarda, Physics and Astronomy;

Steve Cann, Political Science;

Kayla Carter, Strategic Analysis and Reporting;

Carolyn Carlson, Education;

Craig Carter, Education;

Regina Cassell, Mass Media;

Marcia Cebulska, Center for Kansas Studies;

Erin Chamberlain, English;

Cheryl Childers, Sociology and Anthropology;

Gloria Christian, WU Tech Testing;

Chris Conner, Sociology and Anthropology;

Sarah Cook, Mathematics and Statistics;

Mary Menninger-Corder, School of Nursing;

Iris Craver, Human Services;

Patricia Dahl, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies;

Ande Davis, English;

Danielle Dempsey-Swopes, Office of University Diversity and Inclusion;

Liz Derrington, English;

Lauren Edelman, Leadership Institute;

Lori Edwards, School of Nursing;

Rick Ellis, Learning in the Community;

Kelly Erby, History;

Dennis Etzel, Jr., English;

Tim Fry, Education;

Andrea Garritano, Music;

Michael Gleason, Leadership Institute;

Miguel Gonzalez-Abellas, Modern Languages;

Rachel Goossen, History;

Erin Grant, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies;

Tara Gregg, Office of Sponsored Projects;

Eric Grospitch, Student Life;

Steve Hageman, Center for Student Success;

Michael Hager, Art;

Mckinlaye Harkavy, New Student Orientation;

Kimberly Harrison, Social Work;

Kristine Hart, Learning in the Community;

Phillip Hauptman, Computer Information Sciences;

Grace Hildenbrand, College of Arts and Sciences;

Carol Hill, Washburn Tech;

Rik Hine, Philosophy;

Duane Hinton, Biology;

Bob Hoard, Sociology and Anthropology;

Jericho Hockett, Psychology;

Corinne Hoffhines, Residential Living;

Robin Hoover, Ichabod Shop;

Kelly Huff, Music;

Catherine Hunt, Music;

Jo Hunt, School of Law;

Martha Imparato, Mabee Library;

Russ Jacobs, Philosophy;

Cherisa Dulin Jones, Human Resources;

Patricia Joyce, School of Nursing;

Karen Kapusta-Pofahl, Sociology and Anthropology;

Pam Kaufman, School of Law;

Vickie Kelly, Allied Health;

Kara Kendall-Morwick, English;

Alexandra Klales, Sociology and Anthropology;

Ali Khan, School of Law;

Sally Konzem, Counseling Services;

Louise Krug, English;

Crystal Leming, Counseling Services;

Toni Lewis, College of Arts and Sciences;

Heather Lindsey, Washburn Tech;

Park Lockwood, Kinesiology;

Bruce Mactavish, College of Arts and Sciences;

Monette Mark, Art;

Kandace Mars, Financial Aid;

Craig Martin, School of Law;

Paul Mallory, Washburn Tech;

Jean Marshall, Mabee Library;

Kent McAnally, Career Services;

Eric McHenry, English;

Diane McMillen, Human Services;

Beth McNamee, Mathematics and Statistics;

Gordon McQuere, Emeritus;

Kathy Menzie, Mass Media and Communication Studies;

Linsey Moddelmog, Political Science;

Kim Morse, History;

Mike Mosier, Mathematics and Statistics;

John Mullican, Biology;

Laura Murphy, Sociology and Anthropology;

Jordan Noller, Center for Student Success;

Michael O’Brien, Modern Languages;

Brian Ogawa, Human Services;

Irene Olivares, Center for Student Success;

Jamie Olsen, Counseling Services;

Jennifer Pacioianu, English;

Catherine Peppers, Mathematics and Statistics;

David Peralta, Washburn Tech;

Dan Petersen, Social Work;

Mark Peterson, Political Science;

Tim Peterson, Emeritus;

Marguerite Perret, Art;

Tara Porter, Education;

Tom Prasch, History;

Dave Provorse, Psychology;

Mindy Rendon, Residential Living;

Lara Rivera, School of Nursing;

Bill Roach, Emeritus;

Monique Robins, Modern Languages;

Tracy Routsong, Communication Studies;

Mike Russell, Psychology;

Jean Sanchez, Allied Health;

Bassima Schbley, Social Work;

Monica Scheibmeir, School of Nursing;

RaLynn Schmalzried, Psychology;

Jim Schnoebelen, Communication Studies;

Shaun Schmidt, Chemistry;

Jason Shaw, Mathematics and Statistics;

Mary Sheldon, English;

Tony Silvestri, History;

Bradley Siebert, English;

Ian Smith, Philosophy;

Jim Smith, Social Work;

Peggy Snook, Washburn Tech;

Vanessa Steinroetter, English;

Margy Stewart, Emeritus;

Laura Stephenson, College of Arts and Sciences;

Maria Stover, Mass Media;

Courtney Sullivan, Modern Languages;

Sharon Sullivan, Theater and Women’s and Gender Studies;

Nan Sun, Computer Information Sciences;

Mary Sundal, Sociology and Anthropology;

Sue Taylor-Owens, Information Technology Services;

Lisa Tessendorf, University Registrar;

Andrea Thimesch, Mabee Library;

Brian Thomas, Physics and Astronomy;

Brad Turnbull, Residential Living;

Sandy Tutwiler, Education;

Tom Underwood, Academic Outreach;

Danny Wade, English;

Jennifer Wagner, Mathematics and Statistics;

Israel Wasserstein, English;

Kayla Waters, Human Services;

Kelly Watt, Art History;

Geoffrey Way, English;

Kelley Weber, Mabee Library;

Penny Weiner, Theater;

Brenda White, Information Technology Services;

Gwen Wilson, Mabee Library;

Stephen Woody, Mabee Library;

Kerry Wynn, History;

Corey Zwikstra, English