Exploring the spring Career Fair and Kansas’ job market

Matthew Boland CONTRIBUTOR

Washburn University’s Careers Services transforms students into well prepared young professionals ready to take on the workforce. Career Services will hold its spring Career Fair 10 to 2 p.m. Wednesday Feb. 15 in Lee Arena.

The event brings together students and employers giving them accessibility to each other that isn’t readily available. Students are able to explore career options, network and learn valuable social skills in a professional setting.

“This particular event, we are expecting about 120 organizations to attend. These organizations are going to be looking at our students for part time jobs, internships and full time jobs. There are some misconceptions about the event. A lot of people think it’s for juniors and seniors, but it is for all students looking to expand their career opportunities,” said Williams.

Students should take steps to prepare themselves before attending the fair, making themselves more marketable, like bringing multiple copies of an updated resume to hand out to interested employers.

Gary Handy, Career Services specialist, provided some tips on how to prepare.

“The best tip I have, is make sure you are prepared as you can be for the harder questions employers will ask. Like the strengths and weaknesses questions and why should we hire you, tell me more about yourself and why do you want to work there,” said Handy.

In addition to preparing themselves, students should present themselves in the most marketable way possible. This means dressing for the occasion and coming to the fair with a good attitude and a willingness to interact with people.

“Employers generally make their locked in first impression of you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. Your appearance makes a difference, but it’s also about your approach. Are you warm, do you come off as professional, do they feel like they can trust you,” said Handy.

Students who prepare themselves accordingly have a lot to look forward to as they search for employment.

“There are really two big areas that are growing in the state of Kansas, in terms of employment. These are education and health services and the other area is in financial activities. So anything in econ of finance have all been growing,” said Handy.