CULTivate bloc party to invigorate downtown

Brenden Williams

Create/Uplift, also know as CULT, is organizing a concert open and free to the public Friday May 5, at the Downtown Plaza.

Marcy Gonzalez and partner, Kristen Shook, of Create/Uplift, had a vision that Topeka would become a new hotspot for art and music.

With a refurbished downtown, the Topeka skyline is glistening with beautiful architecture that would be complimented by a music scene. Create/Uplift is bringing just that, not to Topeka, but out of Topeka, hoping to cultivate a new music community in Topeka.

Producers, DJ’s and artists will gather together at the Downtown Plaza at 5:30 p.m. to showcase their talents and dance the night away. Members of the community are encouraged to sign up the day of to perform themselves.

Shook believes having the event on the same day as Cinco De Mayo and the First Friday Art Walk will highlight style and flavor in Topeka.

“There’s a lot of things growing in the city,” Shook said. “To throw this event in with the art walk, which has already been going on for months now, it adds a new flavor to the event, but also brings style and music. We’re there for the music.”

CULTivate is offering 20 slots for poetry, dance and music performances. Gonzalez wants to see the hidden talent in Topeka.

“It’s time for the music scene to be CULTivated,” Gonzalez said. “It’s time for artists to network and meet each other. It’s for any artists, singers or dancers to be involved. I think a lot of people are afraid to showcase their talents because they never got to do it in front of a crowd before. This is their chance to do it.”

Gonzalez’s goal is to bring new people to the music scene of Topeka.

“You never know who can sing and who can dance,” Gonzalez said. “You don’t know who’s an artist until they step on stage. My thing is seeing that happen, finding music where you least expect to. I want people to see there are other artists. There is actually a music scene here, they just don’t know where to find it.”

Food and drink will be served throughout the night. Those interested can RSVP for free on CULTivate’s Facebook page.