Tailgates bring bods of all generations together

Allie Broockerd

The sun shone down on students and their families tailgating Family Day weekend Sept. 23 prior to the football game against the Lopers. 

Family Day is an annual event for students and their families where they are encouraged to play games, participate in the tailgating festivities prior to a home football game. Greek life, the Washburn University Alumni Association and local businesses set up tents outside of Yager Stadium to engage with the Washburn community.

John Mullican, department chair of the biology department and associate professor, said that he sets up a tent during the tailgate every year to have fun with students and get a good view of the game.

“I’m out tailgating during the entire game, because where I’m set up there is a good view of the field,” Mullican said. “I do advertise my tailgate to the class, but I have a Facebook page where I try to reach out to alumni, too. Alumni are always pretty excited about the tailgates. It’s a good way for my students to network and connect with alumni that are out in the field.”

Bruce Steinbrock, assistant athletic director, also known as the voice of the Ichabod football and basketball teams, was out socializing and enjoying the tailgate. 

Although Washburn is a dry campus, Steinbrock said that Washburn saw the success of tailgates at Kansas State University and Kansas University and followed suit.

“We advocate for responsible drinking,” Steinbrock said. “However, in the early 2000s it became apparent that beer was an important part of the football game experience. Alcohol is now allowed at the tailgate, but not inside the stadium.”

Steinbrock said that food is abundance at the event, too.

“If you leave the game hungry it’s your own fault,” Steinbrock said.

Kasey Paez, senior social work major, and her parents had a fun day together  at the tailgate.

“It’s nice to see so many families having a good time and cheering on our football team,” Paez said. “The actual game was great. Washburn was in the lead the entire time, which was awesome.”

Ichabods and their families celebrated together as the football team ended the day victorious over the Lopers. Devoted tailgaters stuck around Yager Stadium  to celebrate the win with barbecue.