World Cup offers great food, quiet study locale

Food Art: A fresh New Orleans crepe. Presentation is everything and this looks delicious.

Xavier Strong

All it takes to make your day is a good cafe.

When you’re stuck in a rut ordering the same food on campus every day, it’s natural to question your life choices. The food everyone was waiting on was expensive, greasy and not worth the combination of oven and body heat mixing amidst the mid afternoon lunchtime rush.

It was time for a change. World Cup Coffee and Crepes had handed out coupons for free cups of coffee at the start of the semester, so they seemed like the natural choice for new venue to shake up my routine. An added bonus was that it’s conveniently located right across the street.

World Cup immediately won me over when I was greeted by the pleasant hum of conversation the aroma of fresh coffee and crepes a la carte. The vibe is perfect: a small patio for those who want the sun with their coffee, couches and books on the inside for those who like art and indie-folk rock with their smoothies. 

Paintings and photographs lining the walls also set the tone for a new customer. The cafe regularly features work by local artists and will help facilitate their purchase as well as display artists’ information. Don Leftwich, owner of World Cup, was quick to interact with customers and happily provided information on each of the artworks while patrons waited on their orders. 

I ordered something sweet for lunch: their New Orleans crepe, made up of egg, cheese, andouille sausage, onions and peppers, along with a simple strawberry banana smoothie. My meal and the overall food selection was what sealed the deal for me. World Cup is known for its eclectic crepe menu, and the pastry is a popular pick amongst Washburn students who frequent there.

Trevor Groundwater, senior, said that he had been a regular customer for years.

“It’s awesome,” Groundwater said. “[World Cup] has a great location, the service is amazing and the coffee is the best you will have around here.”

After having had such a delicious, affordable lunch there, it’s hard not to share in his enthusiasm for World Cup. I will definitely frequent this cafe again.