Upcoming Bods for Blues celebrates law enforcement


Future criminal justice majors are in good hands with the Capital Area Crime Stoppers hosting the first Bods for Blues Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Crime Stoppers hopes that Bods for Blues will become an annual tradition in which the community of Topeka comes together to honor current and retired law enforcement. Crime Stoppers offers free tickets to members of law enforcement and their families, as well as a chance to be recognized for the hard work and time officers put in daily. Tim Clothier, Washburn Institute of Technology professor and president of Crime Stoppers, loves the partnership and participation of college students. Clothier considers Washburn’s campus an obvious choice for location.

“Students are very giving, involved and they have a good point of view on issues as a community and society,” Clothier said.

One goal of Bods for Blues is to raise enough funds to help future criminal justice majors attend college. Crime Stoppers will raffle off a 2007 Mustang, with tickets at $10 and the profits will go towards establishing a scholarship. With costs for a college degree continuing to grow, the organization is hoping to continue to build this scholarship fund with the intention of establishing a steady scholarship within the next five years.

Patricia Dahl, professor of criminal justice, spoke to the merits of the new scholarship.

“I think it’s important to take any opportunity where we can find any type of scholarship giving new law enforcement a chance to finish their schooling,” Dahl said.

Dahl believes a criminal justice major brings greater awareness to the importance of good, quality law enforcement, as well as the education behind it. Dahl knows how the major brings a higher sense of responsibility and a professional edge to a law enforcement career.

“[These students] learn about the policies, practices and theories before they hit the streets,” Dahl said.

The festivities will include a tailgate at 10:30 a.m. Oct. 7 before the Washburn football game against Missouri Southern. This will give the Washburn community the opportunity to show appreciation for officers who dedicate their lives to making sure that our community is safe and to bring family and friends together to support law enforcement.