URGE hands out free sex-safety products at tabling event


Tyler Smith

Chloe Chaffin, junior in political science, and Ruby Howell, sophomore in political science, greet passers-by at the tabling event. The tabling took place Tuesday Feb. 28 in the Memorial Union.

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the Washburn chapter of Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, also known as URGE, set up a table in the Memorial Union to hand out free sex-safety products. Several URGE members helped manage the table, including URGE’s president, Chloe Chaffin, junior in political science.

“We can see that the past few years have had a massive increase in the focus on reproductive rights, both positively and also super negatively,” said Chaffin. “So we just want to be a positive force to counteract that.”

One way they do this is by putting together Sex Be Great Kits, which include products like condoms, lube and even Plan B. Carlos Cedilla-Silva, URGE’s treasurer and senior in history, helped hand out these kits to people who approached the table.

“We think that sex is going to be inevitable, so might as well provide safe products for people to use to make everybody’s lives easier,” said Cedilla-Silva. “We’re giving out things like ovulation tests, but also things like condoms and lube. Importantly, we’re also giving out Plan B as well for students.”

According to Chaffin, they try to provide at least a couple of Plan B pills because of how expensive they can be.

In addition to promoting and advocating for safe sex, URGE also addresses the issue of period product access.

“It’s something that about half the population really can’t control,” said Cedilla-Silva. “Yet, a lot of people still have to pay for these products. We seek to advance our mission through product dispensers for free around campus bathrooms.”

Tabling not only gives URGE a way to distribute sex-safety products, but also allows them to connect with the Washburn community.

“We’re tabling as an opportunity to hand those out and also to raise awareness for safer sex practices. And also to just kind of take away the shame and the stigma around talking about sex,” said Chaffin. “And by being a public voice that will positively influence people in that direction, we hope that we can make some change.”

All students are welcome to participate in URGE and can do so by direct messaging @washburnurge on Instagram.

URGE will be tabling again Tuesday, March 7 in the Memorial Union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Their next meeting will be Thursday, March 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Myriad Room of the Living Learning Center and is open to anyone who wants to attend.


Edited by Glorianna Noland, LeSha’ Davis and Rakesh Swarnakar