Washburn Filmmakers Association prepares future filmmakers

On Feb. 23, a group of 10 students got together and screened student films that they had written or made in Henderson 100. The event was organized by the students of Washburn Film Association for current and graduating students. These films were filmed, directed and produced by the students, with some of the films being projects created both in and out of class.

WFA is a group of students that talk about film and create their own small films and scenes. They also invite industry members to speak at the meetings, such as Allan Holzman, Anna Elizabeth James, Robert Hurst and Sev Ohanian.

“WFA gives people the opportunity to experiment and improve their skills. It’s a safe place for students to show their work, as well as give and get constructive feedback.” said Jess Seidel, president of WFA and senior mass media major.

During the event, the members of WFA analyze the films. Analyzing films includes looking at positive and negative aspects and providing feedback on what could be fixed or what could help the film. After the students feel like their film or films are where they want them to be, they enter it into film festivals all over the world. The lineup for the night included films such as “Yoker,” “Shut In,” “The Reunion” and many more.

“Collaboration is the key to success in filmmaking and WFA gives a great opportunity for students to do that in a fun and safe setting,” said Matt Nyquist, WFA adviser and assistant professor of mass media. “In addition, they get to talk with successful filmmakers.”

This organization welcomes not just mass media majors, but all students on campus.

Edited By: Simran Shrestha and Glorianna Noland