Opinion: Top three coffee shops in Topeka


courtesy of Pixabay

There are tons of coffee shops in Topeka. Deepika Kharel, freshman in nursing shared her top three places to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Topeka has a lot of great coffee shops such as Coffee Bar, World Cup Coffee, Crepes and Banjo’s Cafe. Many students enjoy coffee and drink it to get through the day. Being a coffee person myself, I love exploring coffee places wherever I go. I enjoy coffee as it boosts my energy and improves my mood. 

Here are my favorite places to get coffee in Topeka and why:

My all time favorite place is Blackbird which is a local coffee shop located at 4025 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS. They serve delicious coffee. However, my favorite drink is the chai tea latte. It has a perfect balance of flavors. This has been my go to drink this winter. The ambience is cozy and the place always smells so good. The service is quick and they have great customer service. You can get high quality drinks for a reasonable price. Blackbird also serves a wide variety of pastries and desserts.

My second favorite place is Circle Coffee. It is located at 1710 SW Medford Ave. and opens at 7a.m. I like this place because of the atmosphere. Everything tastes great here as well. They serve fabulous coffee and bakery items. The staff are super friendly and everytime I visit this cafe, the taste of my drink is consistent. Circle Coffee is a little gem. There is a lot of seating indoors and outdoors. It is a good place to enjoy your coffee and work.

CoffeeHead is another cafe which I like. It is located at 3101 SW 29th St. Suite B, Topeka, KS. It normally opens at 7a.m. I like the rose white mocha, which is super creamy and tasty. It is a cute little cafe full of surprises. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. It has a modern city vibe to it and has amazing drinks. CoffeeHead is very quiet and has a comfortable atmosphere. Every drink that me and my friends ordered there was perfect and delicious.

For more information about these coffee shops here are their Facebook pages: Blackbird, Circle Coffee and CoffeeHead.


Edited By: LeSha’ Davis and Simran Shrestha