Beer and Coffee: Small business’ new approach to College Hill corner store

The Coffee Bar’s to-go cup of coffee. Students worked on homework while enjoying the coffee shop atmosphere.

A new coffee shop located at the corner of 17th Street and Washburn Avenue is taking a unique approach to the long-standing, off-campus corner store. The Coffee Bar is now offering coffee, alcoholic beverages and a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

The new corner store occupant offers a variety of coffee choices, draft beer, wines and other alcoholic beverages.

“This is my morning stop on my way to class,” said Jake Levy, a Washburn student. “I try to stop by every day to get a southwest breakfast burrito and a cappuccino.”

The Coffee Bar also offers all-day breakfast which includes the “Morning Croissants Sandwich,” “All-American Breakfast Sandwich” and “Mary’s Biscuits and Gravy.” The Coffee Bar has embraced their ties to Washburn University and is offering the “Ichabod Biscuit Sandwich.”

The Coffee Bar offers patio seating along the south side of the building, allowing students to complete homework outside while enjoying one of the many selections of beverages.

“[Living] at College Hill, it’s the closest coffee shop to me,” said Reese McGuire, another Washburn student. “It’s a pretty easy walk and the coffee shop vibe is nice when I am trying to get homework done.”

The Coffee Bar is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.. For more information about the Coffee Bar, visit their Facebook page.

Edited By: LeSha’ Davis, Justin Shepard