‘Bachelor’ fans draft fantasy lineup

Allie Broockerd

As “The Bachelor” wraps up its 2018 season, women across the country are left wondering who Arie Luyendyk will choose to spend the rest of his life with.

ABC teamed up with ESPN in 2017 to create the official Bachelor Fantasy League website and app. Similar to the Fantasy Football League, viewers have the opportunity to directly involve themselves in the show.

Players choose the women they believe will make it to the final four for the hometown dates, and they also choose who they believe will receive the final rose. For each correct prediction, players get their name entered into a drawing to win a free trip to Los Angeles for the tell-all episode following the finale. They also receive two tickets to Disneyland.

Two women remain this season, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham. Spoiler Alert: It was recently revealed by Reality Steve, a blogger who regularly reviews reality TV shows, that Luyendyk chooses Becca Kufrin over Lauren Burham.

Soon after shooting for the season wrapped up, rumor has it that Luyendyk had a change of heart, dumped Kufrin and made a phone call to Burham to rekindle their romance.

This comes as a shock to many viewers, as the general consensus on Twitter is that Burham lacks personality, and that Kufrin is the clear choice. Luyendyk must see something in Burham that the cameras don’t catch.

Viewers will find out if these rumors ring true on March 5, during the finale.